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Dentures, otherwise known as false or prosthetic teeth, fill in the space where there are missing teeth and/or gum tissue. At Highlands Denture Clinic, we provide complete and partial dentures, as well as the repairs and relines to help keep them in as good as new condition. Custom-made sports mouthguards can also be constructed to help keep your teeth and gums safe.
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Complete Dentures — Highlands Denture Clinic in Willow Vale, NSW 2575

Complete Dentures

Also known as full dentures, complete dentures are worn by people with no teeth on the top, bottom or both arches of their mouth. Entirely removable, complete dentures replicate teeth and the surrounding gum tissue, helping you enjoy a natural-looking smile.

At Highlands Denture Clinic, we design, fit and repair complete dentures. By using injection moulded dentures, we help create a seamless, comfortable fit, which leads to less chance of distortion. We are also accredited for implant-retained dentures.

To discuss having complete dentures designed and fitted, call us today.
Partial Dentures — Highlands Denture Clinic in Willow Vale, NSW 2575

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is made to fill gaps left by one or more missing teeth. This will also help prevent other teeth from changing position.

As everyone's mouth is different, our dental prosthetist will work with you to achieve a comfortable, natural-looking fit. We will discuss with you the types of partial dentures available, and the methods we believe will help you achieve a complete smile again.

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Repairs & Relines Dentures — Highlands Denture Clinic in Willow Vale, NSW 2575

Repairs & Relines

Highlands Denture Clinic provides repairs and relines for both complete and partial dentures. While being careful can help prevent damage to your dentures, accidents happen. This is why our dental prosthetist is here to help you in the event of a mishap. Give us a call and we will be able to help.

General wear and tear to dentures is to be expected. They can also become uncomfortable due to the natural process of your mouth changing shape and size over time. If you notice your dentures are looking a little worn, or they have become awkward, painful or uncomfortable, get in contact with our Willow Vale denture clinic. We will help make them look and feel like new in a timely fashion.
Mouthguards — Highlands Denture Clinic in Willow Vale, NSW 2575


Accidents involving the teeth are one of the most common sporting injuries. Help reduce your risk of an accident with a custom-fitted mouthguard from our Willow Vale denture clinic

A custom-made mouthguard will help provide optimal protection for your teeth and gums. Moulded from your teeth structure, a custom-made mouthguard will allow you to easily breathe and talk during your activity.

To request pricing on a custom-fitted sports mouthguard, give us a call today