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Denture Services in Willow Vale


Laugh, smile and eat with confidence with help from Highlands Denture Clinic in Willow Vale. During an appointment with us, you can discuss your concerns, expectations and needs with our professional dental prosthetist, Shane McMillan. We will work with you to help ensure you are happy with the fit and look of your new dentures. No referral is required to make an appointment CALL US TODAY to organise a time that suits you
Whether you need a complete or partial denture, we will design and fit an option that is comfortable and as natural looking as possible. Your denture will be fabricated according to your unique mouth structure to help ensure a precision fit. We can provide implant supported dentures, if needed.
Help keep your dentures functioning properly and looking their best with our repair and reline services. From our Willow Vale denture clinic, we will help make your prosthetics look and feel like new. Give us a call today to make an appointment.
If you or your child needs a custom-made mouthguard contact our Southern Highlands Dental Prosthetist. We make every sports mouthguard as precise as possible to help prevent damage to your teeth and gums. Contact us today for a consultation.